our story

How everything started

What is our goal

In 2016, two friends who had known each other for a long time came together with the vision to help save lives by working to improve the existing health information systems. The task seemed simple, yet posed a massive obstacle as to change an outdated system that has been in use for over a century appeared to be a daunting task. After putting several ideas together, AHISE was born.

The research for AHISE began when a group of doctors presented a particular problem they were facing. Despite the several advancements in technology, it was seen that information is either still documented in paper format or in an archaic and unorganized system which makes the communication process to be so dull and time-consuming.

On hearing these disheartening issues, we started partnering with the physicians to create a new future for healthcare information systems. We understand that patient safety is a major concern for numerous offices and hospitals. Installing Healthcare Information Systems can enable health institutions to control the safety of their patients.


AHISE aims to support health outcomes and health systems through the strengthening of health information.  To achieve this AHISE will promote health information systems in a broader health system strengthening agenda


To save lives through the better use of quality and timely information.


To provide the innovation that drives positive results with the goal to better benefit one individual and in the process provide a better healthcare future for all. United as, ONE.

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